CD Release Party – Tonight!

CD Release Party is happening tonight…. May 23, 2015. Come out and show some love for DJ Manny and have a great time getting your party on.

This is something to do in Baltimore!

CD Release Party

*See map below flyer

May 23, 2015

Map of location…


Baltimore City Pools Now Open 2015

All pools OPEN Memorial Day weekend! Memorial Day marks the beginning of the Baltimore public pool season for 2015. Public pools are a great way to have fun during the warm months. Baltimore City pool schedules and locations are listed in this post. Be sure to make note of the schedules and locations so that you and your family can enjoy some aquatic fun.

Baltimore City Pool are great places to get relief from the heat, a lot of fun and something to do in Baltimore!

Baltimore City Pools

Weekends ONLY, May 23 – June 21
Full Schedule starts June 22

Park Pool hours:

Monday-Friday 12:30-7 p.m.
Saturday noon-7 p.m.
Sundays and Holidays 1-6 p.m.
Admission is $2 per two-hour swim session

Neighborhood Walk-to Pool hours:

Monday-Saturday noon-5 pm.
Sundays and Holidays 1-4 p.m.
Admission is $1 per two-hour swim session

Splash Pads are FREE.

Click Here – Get all of the Baltimore City Pool locations

Day Party – May 23 2015

The Memorial Day weekend 2015 is here and there are many parties going on. This Day Party will make it easier to get all the partying in that you need. The weather is supposed to be very nice and everyone will have there ‘fly’ on max. Come out and enjoy a great time. 2 for 1 drink specials from 4 to 6 pm.

This is something to do in Baltimore!

Day Party

May 23 2015

$20 at the door

Music by DJ Twisted

Day Party

Map of location…


After 5 Fridays

After 5 Fridays is the place to be on a Friday evening. There are tons of great drink specials, food specials and a great people to enjoy it with. Make your way this Friday

This is something to do in Baltimore!


After 5 Fridays

Memorial – Day Party

There is be many parties to make it to over the Memorial Day weekend. The Memorial – Day Party will make it a little easier to get your party on all day and still be able to make the parties on Memorial Day evening. Come out early and get your Memorial Day celebration jumping-off in the right way!

Memorial – Day Party is something to do in Baltimore!

Memorial – Day Party

*Map of location below the flyer

Saturday, May 23 2015

4pm – 8pm

Memorial - Day Party

Map of location ….


Neighborhood Bars or Lounges – Great Places to Party

There are many great places to go out and get your party-on in Baltimore. There are lots of clubs and  even more neighborhood bars and lounges. There is no shortage of places to get good drinks, food,  enjoy music and mingle with people, but where will you have the most fun? This question is highly subjective and depends on what an individual’s personal partying preference is, but we content that there are some things about neighborhood bars that make them more fun than partying at a club.

We have compiled a short list of reasons that neighborhood bars or lounges are great places to party

  1. No Cover or Minimal Admission Fee – Most neighborhood bars or lounges don’t have cover charges on most days. This means you have a few extra dollars to spend on your food, drink or to keep in your pocket. On some nights you may arrive at a neighborhood bars or lounges, to find that there is a cover charge or admission fee, but it is usually minimal and most likely on a special night. If you regularly patronize the bar or lounge you may even have that fee waived.
  2. Cheaper Prices – Neighborhood bars or lounges often have much better prices for drinks and food when compared to clubs. It is my experience that neighborhood bars or lounges not only charge less for drinks but they also tend to make stronger drinks than the drinks you purchase in clubs.
  3. Avoid the Fashion Show – Sometimes you just want to go out without being worried about how your outfit will measure up to all the people that will be there. That is not to say that neighborhood bars or lounges are full of unkempt, shabbily dressed people, but the atmosphere is usually more relaxed and the dress code (if any) is not very restricting. In addition, people are much more willing to dance and have a good time because they are not as worried about who is watching or if they will sweat in their “good” clothes.
  4. Better Conversation – The club is not very conducive for having conversations. The music is always on max and you often have to be a good lip reader or yell at the person you are trying to talk with. Neighborhood bars or lounges can also have very loud music at times, but general the music is loud enough to enjoy without having difficulty when conversing. It is my experience that you often find more people willing to converse with you at neighborhood bars or lounges.
  5. More Influence of Music Played – Many neighborhood bars or lounges use a jukebox on nights that there is no dj. While some may frown upon this, it is a good thing because you can hear the music that you really want to hear. In the past you may have been restricted on the types of music or specific songs you want because the jukebox may not have that music, but now, most jukeboxes are internet based and have music of all genres and styles.


What is your favorite Neighborhood Bar or Lounge in Baltimore?

leave us a comment and let us know!

Ciroc Thursdays

Ciroc Thursdays is a great Thursday night party. Just as the name implies, the Ciroc will be flowing … the music will be rocking … and the crowd will be lively! Make your way out to the Oakleigh Station and be prepared to have a hellava time!


Ciroc Thursdays is something to do in Baltimore!

Ciroc Thursdays


Ciroc Thursdays

Map of location …


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